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Swift Package Indexing - Episode 1

Posted Friday, April 29, 2022.

We tried something new for the Swift Package Index this week, a public discussion using Twitter Spaces where we talked about some of the package releases from the community.

It was an experiment that we deliberately didn’t announce or advertise, so don’t worry if you missed it. We were curious whether a discussion format would work for talking about package releases and didn’t want to make a big deal out of it in case it didn’t! Even without promotion, we still ended up with 115 people joining us at some point during the 45-minute discussion, though!

The good news is, it did work, and we’ll be doing it again. We’ll tweet about it a couple of times before it happens, so the best way to keep up is to follow us on Twitter.

You can also listen to the recording!

We also wanted to link to the packages we highlighted during the discussion, so here goes! We talked about:

Thanks to all the authors and maintainers of these packages for their hard work!

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