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Swift Package Indexing - Episode 10

Posted Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Another episode of Swift Package Indexing just finished, and we managed to keep the chatter about next week’s announcements from Apple limited to a couple of terrible jokes!

We stuck to our usual format, starting with some site news, then did some quiz questions, and wrapped things up with package recommendations!


This week’s quiz questions were about analytics! Specifically where our visitors are from. We talked about countries, regions, and cities.

If there’s any question you’d like us to answer on a future episode, tweet at us at @SwiftPackages.


Here are the packages we talked about this week:

I think it’s also about time we had another guest on the show. Would you like to come on and talk about a package you created or maintain that has had a recent release? Tweet us at @SwiftPackages and let us know you’d be interested!

The recording of this episode is available here, and we’ve scheduled the next episode for the 15th of September at the usual time. Set yourself a reminder!

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