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Swift Package Indexing - Episode 13

Posted Thursday, October 20, 2022.

In this week’s news, we talked about the extension of our new "universal documentation" links now supporting linking to specific articles or symbols, the new documentation of the .spi.yml manifest file, and how Swift Argument Parser makes creating command line tools a breeze.

We also mentioned Raycast and its Swift Package Index extension by Maxim Krouk. Search got even better this week, too, as we deployed some improvements.

Our quiz segment made a return to cover Swift 5.7 statistics, like how many 5.7-only packages there are and what 5.7 compatibility looks like across the ecosystem.

Our package recommendations this week were:

As always, if you missed this episode you can listen to the recording, and don’t forget to set a reminder to join us for our next episode on the 3rd November.

We’ll speak to you then!

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